northstart stuff

Jay West jwest at
Sat Jan 14 15:03:12 CST 2006

Thought I'd throw out to the list what was in my northstar haul, in case 
there's something someone is desperate for a copy of..

Unopened box of DC300XL cartridges (5) (these must have gone with some other 
Opened box of DC300XL cartridges, 3 in original wrap (these must have gone 
with some other system)
Box of 14 (blank?) floppy disks, 10 sector (hard) (hopefully not really 
Box of floppies (originals) for Wordstar Professional release 5. Appears to 
be two copies (both originals) all soft sector
Binder, northstar infomanager - manual but no diskettes :\
Binder, northstar infomanager II - manual but no diskettes :\
Manual - north star application software ASP utilites package Users manual
Manual - north star infomanager data management system
Manual - XL-Z80 software development system for the northstar micro disk 
Manual - The north star disk operating system v2 rel 3
Release notes - release 4 system software changes north star computers 1978
Release notes - release 3 north star version 6 basic
Manual - North star basic version 6
Manual - north star system software manual addendum rev. 2.1
Manual - north star infomanager tutorial
Manual - north star horizon computer system (double density)
Manual - north star z80a processo board, zpb-a manual
Schematic - cromemco 16k memory board
Manual - zilog Z80-cpu Z80A-cpu technical manual
Manual - north star system software manual
Manual - north star 16k ram board
Release notes - XL-8080/XL-Z80 rel 5 software change description
Manual - cromemco 16k memory board technical manual
Manual - north star horizon computer system
Manual - north star z80a processor board zpb-a
Manual - Cromemco Z80 monitor instruction manual
Manual - Hazeltine 1420 reference manual
Product Data Sheet  - Western Union model 32 telex KSR and ASR sets (NICE!)
Manual - Cromemco ZPU assembly
Schematic - Cromemco ZPU
Manual - Cromemco TU-ART digital interface
Scan/photocopies - Various Cromemco boards... trying to lift artwork maybe?
Manual - Cromemco 16kz ram instruction manual
Manual - Cromemco 16kz ram card technical manual (two copies)

One QUME QVT102 terminal
Two Hazeltine 1420 terminals
Three northstar horizon computers (two with wood trim, one with metal trim)
An external dual floppy drive for one of the three horizons

So, in all this mess, it sounds like there is no OS disks. Hopefully, there 
are some Northstar fans around than can help :)


Jay West

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