Stupid Mac Ethernet question

Richard A. Cini rcini at
Sat Jan 14 19:36:45 CST 2006

After some experimentation, I at least got it partially fixed it. I
connected the old switching hub (has 100TX MDX port for the "backbone")
which I connected to the new switch. Then, I connected the Mac to one of the
hub ports -- pretty much the way it was before the upgrade.

Now, I can see the UAM volume on the NT Server (and the AppleTalk zone) but
I still can't get across the gateway and out to the Internet -- it claims
that it can't find a DNS server (I have it pointing to an internal server on
the same subnet).

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"Richard A. Cini" wrote:
>            The strangest thing happened to my Mac IIci - the Ethernet
>connection no longer works. 

I may be way off base, but I've have some odd troubles over the years with
older 10-baseT interfaces and some "switches".  Usually these switches claim
to be some sort of 10/100 hub.

I suspect the real problem is that one side or the other is not properly
advertising as per the x-baseT specification and the negotiation fails.  But
it doesn't really matter to you or I when we need to get the link light lit.

My solution is to find a plain old 10-baseT only hub (hard to find these
days) and connect it in-between the older device and the newer hub.
This fixed the problem for me.  I don't know why.

(I actually suspect the hub - I'd be curious what 10/100 hub you are
using - some chipsets are not quite compliant in my not-so-humble

I'd be curious to hear how this resolves.


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