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Jay West jwest at
Sun Jan 15 23:43:35 CST 2006

Dave Dunfield wrote....
> Hopefully there will be at least one boot disk among the "blank" floppies
> that you have, as getting the OS into a horizon without a boot disk can
> be difficult (not not impossible).
> I have images for several NorthStar OS's on my site.
You're awesome Dave :) I spent a little time tonight and got your wonderful 
NST program working and downloaded some disk images from your site. I was 
able to recreate the disk images pretty easily. Thanks for creating & 
sharing NST (as well as the images). Yes, I found one disk still in one of 
the drives that was bootable. It was an application disk and was missing 
parts of the os, but it had dos and M0000 on it so I was in business.

> If have have a ROM board, easiest thing to do is to deselect RAM at 0000
> and put in a ROM monitor. I used the older "loads at 2000" versions of N*
> OS for the in-memory system, so you have 8K at 0000. You will also need
> to change the power-on vector jumpers on the CPU board to activate
> your ROM. (There is also 4K of "free" space from F000-FFFF is that
> works out better for you).

Looks like two of the machines have three memory boards, one has one. I 
believe each board is 16K? Two of the machines also have 8K SRAM boards. Two 
have the prom option on the cpu, and one has an S100 extender board in it. 
Nifty stuff :)

Jay West 

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