Helping fellow collectors . . .

mtpro at mtpro at
Mon Jan 16 20:55:53 CST 2006

I was not able to help these two people, if anyone can, please reply 
directly to them:

I'm wondering if you can help me. I'm looking for a copy of q-dos or 
86-dos to complete my collection. Do you have any information on where 
I might find one? Thanks for anything you can provide.

Christopher D Holmes
chris at jli.coim


I am looking for a back issue of Stewart Alsop's PC Letter. I am 
looking for volume 7, issue 11 (dated June 2, 1991). Do you have this 
newsletter in your archives or do you know of anyone that might have 
back issues. Thank you for your time.

Penny Krebs
pdkrebs at

Best, David

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