Preventing CGA revisionist history

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Jan 21 13:45:40 CST 2006

> Chuck Guzis wrote:
> > You know, if I turn the red gain down on a 5153, that "brown" does indeed
> > come out dark yellow....
> Yes, but that's not a user-accessible control, so I couldn't use that to 

That depends on who the user is. I have certainly been inside my 5153.

> prove my point ("it's never been opened to be messed with", etc.).

AFAIK there was no 'seal' on the 5153. It's hard to know if it's been 
taken apart, therefore.. 

My first question is 'do all the other colours look _exactly_ right?'. 
Obviously fidling with the drive controls would affect more than just the 
brown clour.

> I'm almost positive the 5153 photos that were used as "evidence" were 
> pictures of, let's face it, a slowly-failing 5153 or similar.  I had to 

Why 'slowly failing'? It's possible that one of the components in the 
brown-kludge circuit has 'run down the curtain and joined the choir 
invisible'... It's possible the fault, if there is one, just suddenly 


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