RK07 questions

Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at oce.com
Tue Jan 17 16:18:13 CST 2006

Ok, I was so curious that I did the test with the servo head
disconnected. It is sure a different movement!
First let me describe the head movement in more detail.
In stand-by, the heads are in what I call the "home" position.
When the movement starts, the heads come out of the home position
at a moderate speed, and when the heads are at "track 0", the
speed drops and the heads move at a slower speed towards the
centre of the pack. Then the movement stops, and starts at that
same slow speed towards the home position. However, the heads
stop at what I call that "track 0" position, and stay there
until I press the LOAD button again. Then the heads move *fast*
to the home position.
Now with the servo head disconnected ...
To quote 'Allo Allo': "listen very carefully, I will do this
only once", well sort-of :-)
The heads move at the moderate speed to "track 0", but stay at
that speed while the heads move to the centre. That movement now
looks a lot faster! At the centre the movement stops, and the
heads move at that speed (or was it even faster?) not to the
"track 0" position, but to the home position.
The FAULT light is now ON.
I reconnected the servo head.
Time to sleep a night to get new fresh insights ...
- Henk.

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