RX11 emulator fun ...

Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at oce.com
Wed Jan 18 15:22:46 CST 2006

here is the picture: http://www.pdp-11.nl/rx11emul.jpg  (104 kb, resized to 819 x 614).
- Henk.


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Onderwerp: RX11 emulator fun ...

Hi all, just a good feeling to share ...
I finished the prototype setup for the RX11 emulator of Pete McCollum.
I installed his design together with the M105 and M7821 in my 11/34.
I first booted RT11 (v5) from RL02.  RXEMU is running on a PC that is connected
to Pete's board via the parallel port.  (A note on that PC at the end...)

".SH DEV" shows "DX  Installed  177170  264".
Then I did ".DIR DX0:" , and behold, I got the list output from DX0: !!
Then I entered ".BOOT /FOR DX0:" ...
OK, that takes some time, but then I got "RT-11SJ  V04.00A".  COOL !!

Pete's RX11 emulator works great. I also loaded the small bootstrap that
Pete included in the ZIP file into the memory of the just turned on 11/34.
When I start the loaded code, it boots right away from "nothing" from the
virtual RX01 floppy on the PC!  What fun !!

A note on the PC that I use to run RXEMU ....
it is a Toshiba Libretto 100CT !!!  The size of that "sub-notebook" is about
the same size as a VHS cassette.  I was laughing to see the big PDP-11/34
boot from the tiny Libretto :-)  I took a picture. If it's of resonable
quality I will post a link.

In one word: GREAT !!!

- Henk.

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