Ebay Northstar Horizon

jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Thu Jan 19 12:57:41 CST 2006

Marvin Johnston wrote:

>Looks like some just plain wrong information, but ...
>1) Were there more metal case Horizons sold than wooden case and did
>they "soon" switch to a metal case?
When an accounting firm in the Kansas City area purged these in the late 
80's they had two
wooden cased horizons, and probably 30 of the metal cased ones that they 
had pulled in
from clients, complete with soroc terminals, and modems, etc.

I could only see (and afford to store) about 10 of them total, and 
pulled parts from others.

I don't know if this ratio is valid for their overall run of horizons, 
but i have seen other similar
piles show up (with the same ratio).

Anyone know the ratio of business sales (as this one was) to hobbiest or 
home use, where
the wood cover likely was the prefered look?


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