Ebay Northstar Horizon

Dwight Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Thu Jan 19 14:09:31 CST 2006

>From: "Marvin Johnston" <marvin at rain.org>
>I was just checking out some stuff on ebay (hanging my head) and ran
>across a Northstar Horizon that sold for $551.00. In it, the (fiction?)
>writer says:
>"Originally, the cases were wooden, but the company soon switched to a
>blue metal cover. Hence, those computers with original wooden cases are
>more highly sought after than those with the more common metal cases."

 I suspect that there were more metal case unit sold. Most of these
were used in rack mounted applications and were crunched up
when the machines they were in were destroyed. I don't think
that the RFI was an issue when N* was making the wooden cased
units. I think that came on later. The wooden cases were just
to make desk units look pretty. I believe they sold both the
metal cased and wooden cased units at the same time.

>"The only known computer to be sold in a wooden case, this collector's
>item features its original, walnut-stained wooden case."
>Looks like some just plain wrong information, but ...
>1) Were there more metal case Horizons sold than wooden case and did
>they "soon" switch to a metal case?
>2) What other computers were sold in a "wooden case"? The Sol-20 comes
>instantly to mind as well as the Polymorphic 8010 and 8013 series of
>computers. How many others were there?

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