streaky printing?

Dwight Elvey dwight.elvey at
Mon Jan 23 11:47:01 CST 2006

>From: ard at
>> I had exactly the same problems with my 5M and after doing almost  
>> everything I could think of I finally read the manual (please don't  
>> quote me here :-). Turned out this symptom is most commonly fixed by  
>> replacing the toner cartridge which (perhaps not so surprisingly)  
>> fixed the problem.
>It would be interesting to know what went wrong with the old cartridge. 
>Is it that the drum is damaged in some way and doesn't discharge 
>properly usder the erasing lamps? Or is it that the wiper blade doesn't 
>clean the surface of the drum properly? Or what?

 My personal opinion is that the drum absorbs some moisture
and toner tends to stick to it in a non-static way. On my machine
it didn't happen when I was using it regularly but after
some non-use in the winter time. The new drum works fine.
 It had the same problem. Right after turning on I'd get maybe
two sheets printed before streaks would start to build up.
Visual inspection of the drum showed toner remaining on
the drum.
 I still have the old toner box and I've though of removing
the drum and baking it for a while in the oven to see if it
recovers. The toner is about half full. One can't bake both
or the toner might turn into a lump. One would have to remove
the drum. I've had one of these apart once and they are a
little tricky to get apart but it can be done.

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