Quick Forth Question

David Betz dbetz at xlisper.mv.com
Tue Jan 24 07:28:49 CST 2006

Well, you seem to be doing better than I am. All I can get is the HHC  
to display "SnapFORTH" when I select it from the menu. No prompt for  
filename and all I can do at that point is press "clear" to get back  
to the main menu. It looks like I may have inserted the ROMs in the  
wrong order when I put them back into the external carrier after  
downloading the contents to send to you. Ugh! I thought I had been  
careful about that too!

On Jan 24, 2006, at 2:10 AM, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Dudez & Dudettez:
> I'm trying to get some SnapForth ROMs running for the Panasonic HHC  
> 'puter - and I'm having a bit'o'difficulty, mainly as I know...  
> ummm... "squat" about Forth. ;^>
> I've gotten the ROMs to be able to start SnapForth, ask for a  
> filename, create the filename & filespace (about 1K of RAM goes  
> "buh-bye" for every filename I make... ;-) but no matter what I  
> type, all I get is "Can't Find xxxxx" where xxxxx seems to be any  
> durned thing I type.
> It can't seem to make new words, and every simple "Hello World"  
> type proggie I've found on the net makes *no* sense to the 'puter.
> It looks like it has a max. of 4-character words... duh,  
> waitaminit... lemme check the ROMs again... *maybe* 5-character  
> words, as it looks like the last character of the word is OR'ed  
> with $80... It looks like it's got quite a few words, looking at  
> the ROMs in ASCII - I found VARIA, CONST, STRIN, CVECT, JUMP....
> I could provide a clip of the ROM word table if it would help...
> I've tried:
> 100 LLL !
> [[ To try to store the variable 100 in LLL ]]
> 100 VAR DORK
> [[ To try to store the variable 100 in DORK ]]
> [[ To try to make BURP a constant of 100 ]]
> I've also tried:
> .S
> ." Hello World"
> and other things I'd seen in various webpages thanks to Google.
> Anyone got any other idears for me?
> Thanks,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
> --
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger   | A new truth in advertising slogan
> SysAdmin, Iceberg Computers | for MicroSoft: "We're not the oxy...
> zmerch at 30below.com          |                         ...in oxymoron!"

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