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Wed Jan 25 16:40:21 CST 2006

>> But, if you know what and why to do something, a swap is not a crime.
> Our views will differ on this, I suspect :-)

I see nothing more wrong with swapping boards than with swapping chips,
fundamentally.  If I have a machine with a blown cg6, I pull it and pop
in another, problem solved.  (I have enough spare cg6s that I do not
expect to run out in the foreseeable future.)

Most of the criticisms of boardswapping I've seen have actually been
against *blind* boardswapping, against easter-egg swaps in the hope
that they'll perturb the symptom out of immediate existence.  I agree
that that is, at best, a last resort - but I see nothing wrong with
swapping out a bad board, once you're sure it's the board that's bad,
any more than I do for any other swappable piece.  (Whether it's worth
repairing a board depends on lots of things; sometimes, swapping and
tossing the bad one is a right answer.)

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