Keyboard part # for HP2648A?

J. David Bryan jdbryan at
Thu Jan 26 10:36:27 CST 2006

On 22 Jan 2006 at 9:18, Richard wrote:

> Does anyone know the part designation for the keyboard on an HP2648A?

>From the "264X Composite Service Manual" (HP 02640-90170), there are three 
2648A keyboard assemblies listed:

 - 02648-60001
 - 02648-60005
 - 02648-60006

01 is listed for use with "olive black terminals," 05 is listed for "cocoa 
brown terminals," and 06 is listed the same as 05, but with "RFI opt -017."

I believe the RFI option added a short ground strap, terminating in a 
female quarter-inch spade lug, at the keyboard connector.

On 22 Jan 2006 at 12:51, Jay West wrote:

> I have three 2648A terminals... one has the keyboard that has tape
> drive controls on it. Unfortunately the HP tag is gone from the bottom
> of that keyboard. The other two terminals have keyboards labled
> 02640-60180, which do not have the tape controls on them. 

02640-60180 is listed as the 2640B keyboard assembly.

> I'm betting that I got the wrong keyboards when I got the terminal. 

Indeed so.

                                      -- Dave

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