[rescue] PCMCIA ethernet adapters & modems

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Thu Jan 26 22:21:10 CST 2006

In article <20060127001901.145CA58113 at mail.wordstock.com>,
    bpope at wordstock.com (Bryan Pope)  writes:

> > There are also random PCI/ISA video cards, PCI/ISA ethernet cards and
> > a DLT tape library machine with 3 tape drives, 2 of them broken, and
> > scads of DLT tapes (I think that's the name of the tape; they are in
> > squarish plastic cartridges on shelves in the tape library).
> I am interested in the DLT tape library machine...  Do you know its 
> capacity?

Its large and heavy :-).  I don't know how many tapes it holds, I'd
guess about 50-60.  I can find out tomorrow.  This is a huge beast
(tape loading mechanism works fine, 2 drives dead, 1 drive working)
that noone wants.  A service contract on it is prohibitive.  Noone at
work wants to haul it out for scrap.

If one of you guys want to pay freight shipping, its yours for the cost
of shipping.  I saw Sridhar's email to me first, so he's got first
call on it.
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