TK70 tape drive media?

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Fri Jan 27 01:06:41 CST 2006

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    Patrick Finnegan <pat at>  writes:

> Are there any markings on the board?  It's a lot easier to identify boards by
> name/number, than by general physical description...

It doesn't have any markings on the exterior spine like the TK70 controller.

    component side:
	cmd technology, inc
	    amd mach130-15jc 2183mpe
	jumpers marked "diff" "single", 2 sets

    solder side
	cqd-440-000 a
	a/w pcx-440-00 rev.a00
	brd pcf-440-00 rev.a00
	b70-23741-01 rev.a3

The "single"/"diff" jumpers (single-ended, differential) lead me to
believe that this is indeed a SCSI card.  However, it sure would be
nice to know its official model number.  I'm guessing its CQD-440.
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