RK611 schematics

Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at oce.com
Sat Jan 28 10:09:33 CST 2006

I have done some measurements while running XXDP ZR6A??.???.
Although I cannot explain some signals I got the controller working!
First, the S/R flip flop E46 (UB5) gets the reset pulse on pin 1.
On the output (pin 5) is a 'continuous' pulse train, and I also see pulses
on the SET input (pin 4). So going a bit more back on the signals,
I checked the 4-input NAND E5 ... although all 4 inputs (xxx COMBINED ERROR L)
are continuous "1", I see lots of pulses on the output pin 8 ...?
Perhaps I have missed something, but as the 4 inputs are "combined" error
signals, I decided to remove the flat cable from M7904 to the bulkhead.
Don't ask me how that idea came up.
To my surprise, the diagnostic test ran without reporting any error!
I ran all diagnostics (ZR6A thru ZR6E) for several passes, except ZR6C
because one pass needed approx 13 minutes. ZR6D runs for approx 3:15
and ZR6E for approx 5 minutes, but all reported *zero* errors in several
I have not checked out that flat cable, but now that I have the printset,
I also know from the printset that the flat cable between the M7904 and
the bulkhead should be a BC06R. Also the "red stripe" is clearly indicated,
so I am 100% sure I connected everything correctly.
Time to connect one RK07 drive with termination on the OUT channel.
The .DIR DM0:  command still reports the same error, but "something"
happens when I enter the .INIT DM0: command.  Then I get an error as
I previously reported.  I removed the rear cover, to see the head movement.
On .INIT the head moves fast to the centre, and then back to cylinder 0.
I tried .FORMAT DM0:  Again, the 11/34 seems to be hung, but that is
*NOT* the case: I see the head make small steps (hardly visible) ...
it is no hung on the 11/34, the drive is formatting the cartridge!
Finally I get the RT11 prompt, but also a message that the formatting is
aborted due to too many bad blocks.
But is was working, so I tried .DIR DM0: ... no error now, the drive reports
0 files and some 56??? block free!  Next I copied a small program to the
RK07. The I entered .RUN DM0:HELLO, and I get "Hello world" on the
terminal! When I try to copy a big file to DM0 I get an output error,
but that makes sense.
I have a few more RK07 cartridges, but I will first run the other diagnostics
that use the RK07 drive.  I must thank Tony. Without his replies I probably
would have done nothing for a few weeks. Because he put some of his time in
helping I felt obligated to keep going ...
- Henk.

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