What are these from?

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Hi, Chuck,

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On 25-Jan-06 at 15:01 Chuck Guzis wrote:

>I stumbled (again--that will give you an idea of how well I'm organized)
>a couple cards I didn't even know that I had.
>Anyone got any idea of what they're from?


	First, let me say that both of the boards look very much like they're refugees from telephone switchgear, possibly microwave related.

	In the case of the smaller one, I would wager it's out of the first ESS (Electronic Switching System) that Western Electric built in the late 60's. What makes me think so is the overall gray color of its panel, the orange color of the board coating (WeCo was very fond of using sheet steel with an Epoxy coating for their PC boards before they finally switched to G4 fiberglass in the late 70's), and the way the components are layed out with lots of extra lead length.

	The larger board looks older, probably early to mid-60's, and I would wager that it's out of early long-haul microwave equipment, probably an analog T1 shelf. I'm led to these beliefs by the fact that the traces look very much like they're done from hand-drawn artwork, as opposed to the smaller one which looks machine-aided, and the designations on the panel ("Channel Logic" and "2D1-MW").

	If I'm right about the origins of the smaller board, it could have considerable interest to someone who collects older telephone gear. I would keep them both intact and, if they're of interest or use to you, offer them to a collector from the phone field. Try this web site for some ideas:


	This leads to the Antique Telephone Collectors Association.

	Happy hunting.

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