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> While at Barnes & Noble the other night I found a DX book titled 
> "Collectibles Price Guide 2006" by Judith Miller ISBN 0-2566-1339-6.  In it 
> where prices for several classic systems and in another section prices for 
> early gaming systems with the most way out value being a Virtual Boy for 
> $200+.  Check it out at your local book store. 

Did you find the prices realistic?

While I love the historical information in "Collectible
Microcomputers", I've never seen systems sell for the low prices
listed in that book.  Those prices seem to be the ones you would get
when the guy has his wife nagging him to get rid of the stuff and he
just wants it OUTTA HERE.  In other words, they are fire sale
depressed prices, not the prices that an actual collector would get
from someone who is also a collector or in a maretplace like ebay that
has many collectors looking for rare-ish items.  That's my feeling,
anyway.  I compare prices on ebay to what's in CM and CM is always
lower, sometimes drastically so.
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