RX02 and intel hex file tools

Peter C. Wallace pcw at mesanet.com
Sun Jan 29 10:37:55 CST 2006

On Sat, 28 Jan 2006, C H. Dickman wrote:


> I am building an eprom adapter for a DEC Unibus M9301 bootstrap terminator so 
> I can use 8bit wide 2732 eproms in place of the 4bit wide fuse proms. The 
> goal is to boot RX02 disks which the M9301 roms don't support
> Are there any good unix tools for manipulating intel hex files or any binary 
> image files?
> I have the M9312 boot/diagnostic prom images which are intel hexfile. I 
> modified Eric Smith's program so that I could obtain intel hexfile images of 
> the proms that are not scrambled for the M9312.
> I need to join them and then create an image file so that my DataIO 201 
> burner will accept them. The burner can accept intel, motorola and tektronix 
> formats. I have used the intel format, but not the other two with this 
> burner.
> A quick search found srecord which claims to manipulate various formats, but 
> is written in C++ (which I don't speak) and does not compile in Linux (Fedora 
> Core 3).
> Basically, I need to take several binary images (now in intel hex), move them 
> to a different address, join them together, and then burn them on an eprom.
> -chuck

Peter Wallace
Mesa Electronics

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