Dave Mabry dmabry at mich.com
Sun Jan 29 10:51:58 CST 2006

Hello Graham,

Your message was sent to a list server, so it went to many people.  
That's ok, because there are a lot of people here who are interested in 
the "classic" computer equipment.  You cast a "wide net" with it.

I have an interest in the Intel development systems and accessories.  I 
have an iUP201 with several personality plug in modules.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure from your message if you are looking for an 
entire 201 or just the module.  And in either case, do you have an Intel 
MDS to connect it to?

Let's talk.


GrahamWarrington wrote:

>I did a search on an intel iup201a EPROM programmer , and noticed that you may have one , or did in 2003.....
>Was wondering if you still have it , or if you got rid of it .. I am looking for an EPROM burner that will do 2716's-32's-64's - and 27128's ........
>Please advise ...
>Thank you 
>Graham ( VE1FC)

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