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On Sunday 29 January 2006 18:14, Richard wrote:
> In article <20060129145033.W24579 at>,
>     Fred Cisin <cisin at>  writes:
> > I would have liked to see the multiple CRT one redone with
> > software/firmware to present a portion of the image on each screen.
> > (I want a multi-Giga-pixel display!)
> I wonder how much a 2" CRT costs in bulk.... of course after the
> glass, you have to have a frame buffer and video driver for each of
> them.  

Why? it's not going to take much effort to drive the displays - they don't 
have a bunch of pixels, just 3 stripes on them (at least the one I've seen).  
You could probably pack enough electronics in half a dozen transistors, to 
control the beam in the CRT (excluding the HV source).  Usually, the whole 
thing acts like one monitor - one input signal to the whole device, whether 
it's NTSC composite video (unlikely) or RGB at some fixed (NTSC maybe) 

It wouldn't be a whole lot more complicated than an average TV or multi-sync 
monitor, other than having a larger power draw, and HV supply. :)

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