streaky printing?

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jan 30 18:17:56 CST 2006

> Anyone with LaserJet 4000 and 4050's and similar printers can buy a 
> Maintenance Kit from and put it in yourself... 
> It replaces the rubber components and the fuser, so you can give your 
> wonderful workhorse of a Laser printer, a little TLC. 

I've repaired many CX and SX engined printers, and I found it a lot 
cheaper to buy just those bits that wear out. You don't need to replace 
the whole fuser, jsut the rollers and/or lamp, for example. Yes, it's a 
bit more work, but time is worth nothing to me.

> I recommend it every 200,000 pages (as does HP).
> The kits come with FULL instructions and anyone on this list can handle it...

I figured out how to repair the CX printer by taking one apart and 
putting it back together _without the benefit of any instructions_. And 
if I can do  it, anyone can. They're just not that complicated.


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