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William Donzelli aw288 at
Mon Jan 30 19:52:36 CST 2006

> WOW!  3100 miles... that's like the max that you could do in the
> states.  Did you get the system in Maine and drive it to San Diego?

OK, lightweights - I have done the cross county trip several times now,
and a few from NY to TX, NY to TN, and countless trips from NY to IL. The
most stressful was not far - NY to OH, but I had to do the round trip
three times in six days, hauling crap. I have also done at least a few
500+ mile trips with less than a days notice.

Which brings up the next cross country trip...

Some of you folks know the deal. Every year I try to make a cross county
trip in early May. In order to fund the trip, I haul large things for
people. I have a van and a flatbed trailer, so I can take fairly large
items like six foot minicomputers. Things that ride on the trailer are
completely wrapped in a thick cacoon of plastic, tape and shrinkwrap, and
is watertight. 

My trip starts in NY (Hudson Valley region) and takes me to both the Bay
Area and LA. I can pick up or drop off just about anywhere along the way,
and can even go a bit out of the way (last year was down to KY, I could
even pick up in MA). There will be a definite stop in Boulder, CO. 

Prices? Cheap! Well, relatively cheap. Gas is going to really sting this
year, so my rates may need to go up. Cheaper than the freight company,
with "grey glove" service, anyway. Remember, I collect big computers as
well, and bashed in parts due to shipping really bother me!

This is a bit preliminary, but the time is right to start fishing for
deliveries. I would leave NY sometime around mid-April, and return in

If interested, please contact me off list.

William Donzelli
aw288 at

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