SIMMs and other memory dongles (was: Common items you passed up

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Jan 31 15:17:49 CST 2006

> >> It is.  I own some three or four cards which have four 30-pin SIMM
> >> sockets and are designed to plug into a 72-pin socket.
> > As I look at these, I notice that they're all adapters as opposed to
> > something that gangs up multiple SIMMs to create a higher capacity
> > "SIMM".  Anyone seen anything like that?
> Um, that's exactly what mine do, unless I'm misunderstanding you.  For
> example, you can plug four 1M 30-pin SIMMs into one and you get a 4M
> 72-pin "SIMM".

A 1M 30 pin ZIMM has 1048576 locations each of 9 bits. 

A 4M 72 pin SIMM has 1048576 locations each of 36 bits. It's electrically 
much the same a 4 20 pin SIMMs. I suspect the adapter is just connectors 
wired together in the right way.

I think what the first poster wants is a thing that takes 4 30-pin 1M 
SIMMs and looks like a 4M 30 pin SIMM to the rest of the system. That is, 
it appears to have 4194304 locations, each of 9 bits. It's not hard to 
design something like that I think, but it would inovlve a few chips


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