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Mon Jan 30 15:40:09 CST 2006

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>Richard wrote:
>>In article <20060129113221.0f1a2355.sastevens at>,
>>    Scott Stevens <sastevens at>  writes:
>>>The cheapest, most common programmers from the mid-80s onward
>>>should fill your need.  Nothing special from Intel is needed.
>>>Though collecting Intel development hardware as an end unto
>>>itself is a worthy pursuit...
>>How many of you collect development kit stuff like evaluation boards,
>>in circuit emulators, cross compilers, etc.

   I have a BUNCH of Intel MDSs, at least 8 working 800s, 2 working 235s, a
working 235 and two i201s and a BUNCH of intel Multibus cards. I also have
a couple Tektronix developement systems, a TI system, an early Zilog system
but never used them. I've been working on webpages for the Intel stuff but
this is all I have up so far. 

   Multibus boards > <>
   Intel MDS-800 #1 > <>
   Intel MDS-800 #3 > <>
   Intel MDS-800 #4 > <>
   Intel MDS Docs  >  <>

Oh, I have parts from an AMC system and some other brands in my collection
of Multibus boards.


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