You Won eBay Item: DEC RL1 Diagnostics on RL-01 disk cartridge

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Mon Jan 30 16:02:39 CST 2006

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> > Woo hoo :-).
> > 
> > How would I go about creating a disk image of this for bitsavers?
> > 
> > I notice there aren't any RL01 disk images up there.
> > 
> > What nifty things can I tell about my RL01 drives with this pack?
> What is on it?

    "One DEC RL01K-DC disk cartridge. The label on it says that it
    contains the RL1 Diagnostics program. the complete label reads
    "AX-E380Z-MC CZZLAZO DLP+ RL1 Diag Pkg1". The disk cartridge
    appears to be in perfect condition in every respect. I have also
    lifted it out of the carrier and inspected the disk itself and it
    appears to be clean and in perfect condition. (I used to work on
    these drives so I do know what I'm doing.) The carrier contains a
    Shock-Watch that indicates if it has be dropped or experienced a
    severe shock. It has not been tripped."

> What hardware and operating system do you have to make a
> disk image?

PDP-11/03, dual RL01s, RT-11.

I have no idea if RT-11 has a native utility that permits making a
disc image.  I can imagine that I might have to write something that
grabs a block off the disc and transfers it to another computer Kermit
style across the console SLU.
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