You Won eBay Item: DEC RL1 Diagnostics on RL-01 disk cartridge

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Mon Jan 30 21:45:24 CST 2006

 >Zane H. Healy wrote:

>>    "One DEC RL01K-DC disk cartridge. The label on it says that it
>>    contains the RL1 Diagnostics program. the complete label reads
>>    "AX-E380Z-MC CZZLAZO DLP+ RL1 Diag Pkg1". The disk cartridge
>I was going to comment on my inability to read subject lines, but this
>sounds like something at least a little different from a standard XXDP pack
>(maybe a specialized one?).
>>>What hardware and operating system do you have to make a
>>>disk image?
>>PDP-11/03, dual RL01s, RT-11.
>>I have no idea if RT-11 has a native utility that permits making a
>>disc image.  I can imagine that I might have to write something that
>>grabs a block off the disc and transfers it to another computer Kermit
>>style across the console SLU.
>Ouch.  With that selection of hardware, I'm honestly not sure how you would
>go about doing this.  Jerome might be able to offer some advice.
Jerome Fine replies:

First, to clarify, since the "RL01 Diagnostics" pack
is non-native to RT-11, PIP can't be used since it
is able to copy ONLY files.  The utility program
provide by DEC is DUP.SAV and it basically operates
in two modes:

(a)  Device to Device
     options include starting block and ending block for DVA:
     options include starting block for DVB:
     the size of DVA: and DVB: need not be the same, so if the
     destination is smaller, some of the source will obviously
     not be copied

(b)  File to Device OR Device to File
     options include ??? - I can't remember since I have never
     used them in this mode

Obviously, to hold the complete device, the device "DEV:" must
be at least 8 blocks larger than DVA:, although this is not
required.  In general, if you are using RT-11 to copy only a
portion of a device to a file, I recommend setting up a logical
device under RT-11 and handling the copy as device to device.
When a file is being copied to a device, DUP.SAV will handle
that situation without difficulty in the obvious manner.

ONE other MAJOR problem.  Since the diagnostic pack is NOT
the RT-11 file structure, etc., the bad block replacement
is also not available (at least as far as I know!!!).  If
there are any bad blocks on the diagnostic pack, they can't
be handled automatically by RT-11.  I suggest running the RT-11
to find out.  If there are NO bad blocks, then just proceed.
Otherwise, you should attempt to figure out what to do.  I
may be able to help if you can't figure out.

Any other questions?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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