Common items you passed up that turned rare when you wanted them

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> After the Tektronix Auction in 1992 we had piles of Tek 22 & 32
> calculators, 8001 development systems, 4051 & 4052 computers, 4010
> terminals.

Dang.... I didn't even know about the auction in 92! :-)  Presumably
it was in Beaverton?  I lucked out in finding a 4010 and a 4014; would
love to get a 4051/4052 since they can be programmed standalone.  I
have people occasionally asking me to sell my 4010, but it took a good
6 years to find one, so there is no way I'm going to sell it :-).

> In 1993 we got in about 10 Xerox 8010 Stars, an Alto, a Magnolia and a
> Lilith from Intel in Oregon, along with a truckload of intel
> development systems l, ll, lll and lV and associated drives, prom
> burners, emulators and paper tape stuff.

Ooh!  A Lilith.  I lucked out and have 4 main units, but I need docs,
and information on hooking up keyboards, mice and monitors.  I think
the monitors are special for the Lilith.  What did you get besides the
main unit?
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