SIMMs and other memory dongles (was: Common items you passed up that turned rare when you wanted them)

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Tue Jan 31 12:47:17 CST 2006

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> Um, that's exactly what mine do, unless I'm misunderstanding you.  For
> example, you can plug four 1M 30-pin SIMMs into one and you get a 4M
> 72-pin "SIMM".

No, that's an adapter because I can't take the whole shebang and plug
it into a 30-pin SIMM.  See what I mean?  It adapts 30-pin SIMMS to
72-pin SIMMs.  That's great if I'm moving from a 30-pin SIMM mobo to a
72-pin SIMM mobo, but what if I just want to cram more memory onto my
30-pin SIMM mobo and don't want to shell out $$$ for high density
30-pin SIMMs?  (Yeah, I know there are issues with physical clearance
on adjacent SIMM slots, let's just leave that aside for the moment.)
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