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> > Ooh!  A Lilith.  I lucked out and have 4 main units, but I need docs,
> > and information on hooking up keyboards, mice and monitors.  I think
> > the monitors are special for the Lilith.  What did you get besides the
> > main unit?
> Richard,
> yours are Eves, the followup on the Lilith.

Yes, I should have been more specific, my mistake :-).  At least a
couple of them are Eves, I am not 100% certain that all of them are
Eves because I didn't do a board inventory on all the units.  I have
about 10-15 spare boards besides the 4 main units that I have, so if
someone needs one for a board swap (shhhhhh don't tell Tony Duell :-)
drop me an email.

> Keyboard, mice and monitors are indeed special to the Lilith.
> The keyboard has a serial, straight ASCII output and goes to the 
> monitor. In the monitor is a serial to parallel convertor and the 
> keyboard data then goes in parallel to the main unit !

Holy shit, that's crazy!  I thought it was a straight serial ASCII
into the box.  Well that puts the bamboozle on my idea of just hooking
up a keyboard to it straight!  I do have one monitor.  I haven't tried
to power it up, but written on the case is the word "DIM", presumably
identifying a failure in the monitor somewhere.  I've never repaired
monitors, so I'm not sure what a dim image is suppose to indicate.
Failing HV drive circuitry?

> The mouse is a 3 key straight quadrature output thingie.

Do you have any ideas on what kind of commercially available mice
would be compatible?

> The (external) floppy is very particular: it has an Apple II floppy 
> controller card, a small 6502 motherboard in which the apple floppy unit 
> plugs and a serial connection .

Umm... mine don't have floppy drives :-).  It looks like they have
been fitted with SCSI interfaces, SCSI hard drives and Bernoulli Box
removable cartridge drives.

> The backplane has a 200 contact connector, the force required to insert 
> PCB is incredible.

Yeah, I notice that when looking in the unit I have that is missing
its power supply.

> My Lilih is once again playing up, I will have to bite the bullet and 
> draw the schematics. Cheap IC sockets might play a role, but 
> substituting a few hundred of them is also a PITA.

Woo hoo!  Docs would be great as these machines came to me with no
information, but plenty of hardware.  I also have several complete
sets of video, etc., cabling, so if someone needs cables give me a
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