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Joe R. wrote:

>    Another way to cut the gear is to turn a shaft of the correct od and
> mount it in a lathe. Lock the headstock so that the lathe spindle, chuck
> and shaft can't turn. Make a cutter that matches the shape and size of one
> of the spaces between the gear teeth. (1) Mount the cutter in the tool post
> holder and move it back and forth taking light cuts on the shaft until you
> get the desired depth of cut. (2) Unlock the head stock and turn it exactly
> the angle between the gear teeth and then lock it again. Reapeat steps 1
> and 2 until you've cut all the teeth.  The advantage of this method is that
> you can cut a gear of just about any length. You can then cut them off to
> the desired size and that will yield a number of individual gears.
>    FWIW THE standard reference for gear cutting is 'Gear Cutting Practice'
> by Colvin and Stanley. My copy is dated 1937.

Check out Lindsay's Techical Books for a *modern* 
re-print and other fine books :)
Dave Gingery has a set of books of how to build a metal working shop
from scratch. Book #3 is the metal shaper for gear cutting, after
you read and construct from book #1 The charoal foundry , and book #2
The metal lathe.

>     Joe
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