Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Jun 6 20:55:42 CDT 2006

> > If some others would chip in on the shipping, I'd gladly send you a
> > scanner.  Would you prefer SCSI or "Centronics"?
On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Tony Duell wrote:
> I don't care, provided it comes with schematics and uses chips that I
> recognise :-)

I kinda doubt that even the old HP scanners had schematics available.
However, the operation of a scanner is not too complex to reverse
I guess that we still can't get you to accept one, even for free, without
open hardware source.

> > Would you also like some early Pentium machines, a Beseler enlarger and a
> Pentium machines cannot be early :-)

I meant relative to Pentiums.

> > "dichroic" head, a Kodak Caramate, some printers and monitors, ...?
> As for the enlarger, I have enough problems hosuing my DeVere 504....

> > Howabout: a Fujinon holography camera?
> > 'course it's all 60Hz stuff.
> Does it _depend_ on the mains frequency? Votlage conversion is trivial (I
> have a 110V step-down transformer in the workshop anyway), frequency
> conversion can be more of an 'interesting' job.

I'd be tempted to do it "mechanically", with a motor and generator.
8" drives may need 50 v 60 Hz (or a change of pulley and belt).
But almost everything else recently is rectified to DC.
Most "modern" computers just want 5VDC, 12VDC, etc.
The only electronics in the holography camera is the power supply for the
laser tube.  And since I don't have the original tube, a different power
supply is not a very big deal.

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