New Exidy Sorcerer stuff

Adrian Graham witchy at
Thu Jun 1 16:15:26 CDT 2006

It's been on my list for years which is why I'm doubly happy that this
system just fell into my lap :)

I've put some hastily taken pictures up at

Then my camera battery died....curse this modern technology!

You'll get one eventually....between Exidy and Compudata tens of thousands
were sold so they can't be THAT rare?


On 1/6/06 00:52, "Keys" <jrkeys at> wrote:

> I want one :-(  It's been on my list for awhile.
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>> I have an Exidy Sorceror also.
>> Paxton
>> Astoria, Oregon
>> On 5/31/06, Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:
>>>> Nice! Very similar to the lot I picked up on Monday, but having poked a
>>>> couple of messages on here about it I think there's only 3 of us that
>>>> are
>>>> interested :o\
>>> FWIW, I ahve a Sorceror, the S100 box, the BASIC ROM cartridge and one
>>> other cartridge (I asusme you've noticed these are actually modified
>>> 8-track tape cases!), and the manuals (including the technical manuals).
>>> Oh, and ESC newsletters 1-30 (I think I have the full run).
>>> But I've not done anything with it recently. Too many other machines to
>>> work on.
>>> -tony
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