Semi-OT: IDE & SATA to USB "dongles"

John Allain allain at
Fri Jun 2 08:35:32 CDT 2006

> >John Allain wrote:
> >>Personally, I don't think continuous duty at all for anything >10y-o.

>> I do my best work on my IBM 5160; it has gotten continuous use for
>> nearly two decades.

> My DEC PWS 433au is right at about 10 years and gets continuous use.

The idea is if it dies, and nobody can get another,
   then you are the one who killed it.

There are counterarguments I guess, like that CRTs and electrolytics need at
least some periodic duty to keep them up, but for me that's actually about 1
week a year, hardly continuous.

John A.

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