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> >What was the MO drive on the Next cube--650 MB?  Seemed 
> silly to me to 
> >market the thing without a hard drive--and I think Next 
> eventually came 
> >around to that way of thinking.
> 	256 MB. I don't think the cartridges were 
> interchangeable with anything else common. There were 
> reversible cartridges which could hold 256M per side, but 
> only one side was accessible at a time. 
> NeXT did add first a "Swap drive" of 20 MB and later larger 
> hard drives, 105MB in pizza boxes, 330 and 660 MB in cubes, 
> and eventually stopped selling the opticals.
> 	There were significant problems with drive dust 
> inhalation in the NeXT implementation. That led to reversal 
> of the fan (by mechanically reversing, *not* by changing 
> around the power connector, in case you want to try it) by 
> many owners, which was eventually approved by NeXT. However, 
> my cube has a fairly unique set-up which meant that fan 
> reversal caused problems with overheating of the SCSI driver chip.
> 	There were also long-term problems with either the 
> drives or the media - they seem to be going bad at a fairly 
> regular pace. I don't know that I've heard a good explanation 
> for that. It *might* be some form of connector corrosion; 
> disassembling and cleaning mine has cured it twice, even 
> though it didn't look dirty at all around the lens area.
> 	Corrections or clarifications welcome, apologies if 
> this is redundant (getting behind on the digests again).
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