Is there a Prime Computer Emulator?

Dennis Boone drb at
Wed Jun 7 10:11:17 CDT 2006

 > I was rewatching "30 Years in the Tardis" last night and came across
 > an item on the tape I had forgotten about.  It's been years since I
 > watched it, and the last time was long before I started tinkering
 > with classic computer emulators.  Anyway, while rewatching it I
 > was thrilled to come across a commercial with the Doctor and Romana
 > advertising a Prime computer.  I found some info on the net on the
 > Prime computer line, such as:
 > on the net but no mention of an emulator.  I also found some manuals
 > on  Having been a Doctor Who fan for years, and with
 > Tom Baker being my favorite Doctor, I'd love to have the opportunity
 > to experience a computer system he endorsed.

Aha, another interested person.

There's an unreleased emulator which is complete enough to run PRIMOS
Rev. 21 and most of the utilities; last I knew it had not yet developed
I-mode instruction support.  Documentation is slowly accreting on
bitsavers; I have a few things I need to finish up and make available.
PRIMOS tapes seem to be a bit scarce.  I have some tapes of utilities
and such that I collected over the years I worked on Prime systems.

I've talked to a few list.folk who have machines in their garages
awaiting enough parts and software to try to revive them.  Mine is
a 2550.  I've talked to a fellow who has a mostly running 2450.

A machine in the UK recently sold on eBay, and one vendor has a pile
of (overpriced, mislabeled) boards and parts constituting most of a
machine except for cabinet, backplane and disk drives in his store.

I'd be interested in seeing that commercial if you can put it online


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