My annual request: iAPX 432 binary code.

Andrew Jones aijones2 at
Wed Jun 7 13:26:04 CDT 2006

I asked this a year ago, and I think another time two years ago:  Does 
anyone have any access to any sort of i432 binaries whatsoever?

The i432 was Intel's brilliantly-designed, massively-multiway, 
object-oriented CPU from the late seventies and early eighties.  It was 
a tremendously powerful, forward-looking design, but it was slower than 
molasses.  At the same clock speed, an i432 was 1/4th the speed and 10x 
the cost of an 80286.

I've got "enough" documentation on the thing to potentially write an 
emulator, but it's all a gedankenexperiment until I can get ahold of at 
least a snippet of actual i432 executables.  I've long since given up on 
ever finding hardware; only a few systems ever made it into customer 
hands, and most of those were rather low-spec.  Any tape dump of any 
kind containing i432 object code would be the closest I'll ever get!

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