Need pointers on Oscilloscopes

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Thu Jun 8 21:08:46 CDT 2006

> Since you're going for a second-hand one (I think this is wise), buy a
> well-known make. IMHO Tektronix are the bext.
> Older Tektronix 'scopes (certainly up to the 465, etc) had excellent
> manuals with schemaitcs (:-)), theory, etc. Make sure you get one (or can
> get one). You will need it.

    Tektronix scopes are always the best. But just got a V1100A Hitachi 4
channel-8 trace-digital-readout scope on ebay for $160. Like new condition
and with a pair of 150MHz tek 10x probes. The best scope I ever had, even
best than my loved Tek 455 and 465. Highly recomended. Philips are good
also, and easy to find info.

    BTW, anyone with a spare copy of the V1100A instructions' manual?


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