Need pointers on Oscilloscopes

jim stephens jwstephens at
Fri Jun 9 11:42:46 CDT 2006

woodelf wrote:

> Wolfe, Julian wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm going to go to a hamfest this weekend to look for an oscilloscope.

unless you get a digital scope that holds calibration well, you will
probably be wise to pick up a frequency reference, and voltage
refreence to calibrate them with, unless you have access to such
somewhere outside your home shop, such as at work.

If you have a standalone operation, being able to check the
voltage and triggering on your scope and recalibrate them
is desirable too.  a lot of bargain scopes will put up a
nice square wave, especially tektronics showing the internal
test square wave, and wont trigger on the crap you really
see in your old computers worth a crap.

triggering and reliable probes will probably be the the
top two things you will not think of unless you keep
them in mind in advance, and it will be hard to judge
how good a scope is unless you know the vendors,
and trust their description, and that they might let
you return a dog of a scope.

also, getting a good maintainence and calibration
manual will help the above, you wont be doing that
wo one.  Dont go for some weird and wonderful
bargain scope that you cant find a manual for.


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