Question For The List

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Jun 9 19:17:56 CDT 2006

Dan Williams wrote:
> ]
>> Which is strange if you think about it - much of this hobby will be 
>> dead in 50
>> years time as the era of collectible systems is pretty much over (who 
>> wants to
>> go around collecting PCs, Playstations and X-Boxes?). There'll still be
>> emulators, documentation, research, and non-functional systems, but the
>> running machines - which are of primary interest to most on this list I
>> suspect - will be gone.
> I don't know about 50 years but it would be great if in 10-15 years
> some of the top 500 super computers appeared on ebay. There is also
> some nice stuff like tadpole sparc books and quad G5's, Alphas, IBM
> power pc and especially that new Sun 32x1ghz spark processor  that
> will become more affordable.

I suspect that the faster devices with sub-micron technologies
will *die* before then (EM, etc.).  Yet another reason for running
older/slower hardware??  :>

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