Tony Duell ard at
Sat Jun 10 16:49:37 CDT 2006

> > What you're possibly missing here is that people like me choose a product
> > _because of the availability of scheamtics and repair parts_. I actually
> > tracked down and bought a genuine Teac floppy drive for this PC becasue I
> > could get a service manual for it. Said drive cost over 10 times as much
> > as a non-name, no-docs drive from the local PC shop.
>     Mind sharing that manual? :o) I like your line of tought, but imagine a

A little hard with no scanenr :-). 

> service manual for a simple thing like a mouse ;o)

Actaully, I don't have a mouse on this PC (probably the only PC in the 
world not to have one, but...). But for things like mice it's often 
quicker just to trace out the scheamtic than to do battle trying to get a 
schemaitc from the manufactuer. I know I included schematics of the 
appropriate mice when I traced out diagrams for the PERQ AGW3300 and the 

> > I have never (well, not in the last 20 years, anyhow) 'mucked up a PCB'
> > trying to repair it. Yes, you can generally tell where I've been (hand
> > soldering does look different from wave soldering), but I do not lift
> > traces, rip out vias, and all the other things that certain people manage
> > to do.
>     And if I muck that, (expletive deleted) them, because it is mine, bought
> with my (expletive deleted) money!!! What do they have to do with that? :oP


And I still fail to see how supplying information means I'll do a worse 
repair. Darn it, I am going to have a go at fixing this <foo> no matter 
what. If I can get a service manual I'll read it first, if not, I'll have 
to work it out as I go along...


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