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Hi, gang,

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On 23-May-06 at 23:22 jim stephens wrote:

>ed_sipols at wrote:
>>I have acquired an old DATA I/O series 22 porm programmer.  I have some 
>>Signetics N82S141F  chips that will not read at the recommended family
>>pinout codes of 10/15.  In fact, the programmer will not even allow me to 
>>enter the 10 as the family.  Help???!!!! Ed
>if you have the data I/O poster or docs you are taking the data from, 
>you may not
>have the same rom revision in your programmer.


	An accurate statement indeed. Family/Pinout codes could change during the lifetime of a device, although I will say that Data I/O tried to keep them consistent (one of the few points in their favor).

>I don't know of any resource that details what units were capable of what
>to direct you to, sad to say.  Data I/O was never too forthcomming about
>the information even when we paid for it, and for a long time there was not
>Sort of like Microsoft is now.  Anyone would use an alternative if they 


	Oh, believe you me, there are PLENTY of alternatives to Data I/O! There's a company called Advin, based out of Sunnyvale. Their stuff, in terms of functionality and electronics, is just as good as anything Data I/O ever turned out, and it's a lot less expensive to own.

	You are correct, though, in saying that DIO is hardly forthcoming about how to deal with the inner secrets of their programmers. Heck, they stopped selling service manuals in 2005. Don't even get me started on their absurd prices for spare parts ($82 for a strip of plastic?!)

>assuming that they are not tied to Microsoft for reasons not relevent to 
>this list.  I know a lot of people in the late 70's and 80's that would have 
>used another programmer, but Data I/O had insides at the manufacturers that
>other prom programmer makers could not equal.

	Advin has similar contacts. That's one of the reasons their stuff works so well.

 	In any case... I did a device search, and programming of the 82S141's is supported on the Unisite. If you end up not being able to program the beasties, send 'em my way and I'll be happy to do them for you at no cost other than return postage.

	Happy tweaking.

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