Socket Use

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Jun 11 16:52:42 CDT 2006

> Offtopic: If anyone out there (Tony, I'm looking at you...) has a manual
> for a Sony CCD-V6000 Hi8 camera, let me know.

Not that I am aware of (I think the only Sony video camera manual I have 
is for a monochrome unit with a vidicon tube that goes with a portable 
reel-to-reel video recorder -- yes I have the unit, it still works [1]). 
But I will check. Have you checked the usual companies for such manuals?

[1] The heads got wrecked by a wonderful -- NOT piece of corner-cutting. 
The head design is a bit like a Betamax machine in that the entire drum 
is stationary, there's a head beak with a head on each end that spins in 
a gap between the upper and lower drums. Anyway, said head beam is 
mounted on a disk on top of one of the motors, and said disk is held to 
the motor spindle by a nut. It should be a left-hand thread (so that it 
self-tightens when in operation), it's not. If it works loose, the heads 
clatter against the edge of the top drum with obvious results. Anyway, I 
managed to fit and align the heads taken from a Betamax head disk onto 
the origianl beam...


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