OT-ish: Build-it stuff

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 13 17:37:44 CDT 2006

> I'm probably showing my age, but when I lived in London, there were lots =
> of
> nice little shops along the Edgeware Road.  Another bunch were close to

Oh, indeed. It was a birthday treat of me when I was younger to go to the 
Edgware  Road. Dozens of interesting shops selling surplus, new 
components, odd components, you name it.

Almost all gone now. Henry's Radio is still at 404-406 (but the other 3 
shops they used to have are no more). But they mostly sell electronic 
music speakers and related stuff. I think they still have a few 
components left, but nothing much.

> Paddington.  I looked for them a couple of years ago and only found one
> open.  Then were some more up near Buck and Ryan's, my number one stop
> whenever I go into London.

Not any more. Buck and Ryans has gone (I think even the building has been 
knocked down). The Tottenham Court road is useless for hacking now (I can 
rememebr Proops and Z&I, both long gone). There's one decent tool shop I 
know in London -- Grizzrd's in Fulham. At least if you ask in there for 
an M3 tap, you're not directed to the plumbing department (as happened to 
me in a lesser DIY shop!)

> =20
> What is the one place left in London?  I go in to London from =
> Colechester a
> few times a year.  Would love to find a source of small lots.

The place I was thinking of is Cricklewood Electronics. Easy to reach by 
pnblic transport from central London, and they do have a fair stock of 
components (but watch the prices -- \pounds 25.00 for a 6522? I don't 
think so!)

I think Grandata are still going (behind the Wembley Stadium). They're a 
TV/VCR spares place, and don't stock many general components (I don't 
think they stock resistors, for example). But they do have a lot of 
Japanese transistors, etc.

There used to be VIewcom over at Upton Park, but they went about 10 years 
ago. They had a amazing range of ICs....

> two or three like you said.  But that is still more than we have here.  =
> Nuts
> and Volts is it and it is pretty basic.

What about Circuit Cellar? We get that in Borders in the UK -- I used to 
buy it, but ratehr gave up when it turned into a thinly disguised advert 
for the lasted microcontorllers (many of which didn't seem to be the most 
suitable devices for the application). 


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