Top Posting and Message Trimming

Jay West jwest at
Tue Jun 13 22:05:41 CDT 2006

I'm afraid to comment for fear people will think I'm insisting on "do it 
this way". So... what follows is my personal opinion, and not really meant 
to be 'list policy'.

I personally dislike top posting. But there's something I dislike more - and 
that's bottom posting without trimming the reply appropriately. Otherwise 
it's way too much scrolling :) And it's not just me that dislikes 
top-posting. Top posting has been against published netiquette for years. 
However, as time has progressed people have glossed over some of the stuff 
they think is too prissy (which in my own opinion means they are being 
sloppy, and some may consider it rude).

I dislike signatures, mainly because some claim corporate property or 
confidentiality which makes little sense. There are a few that have 
politically oriented signatures which has absolutely no place on the list 
(ok, that one is policy-ish ;) ). If it was trivial to do, I think I'd set 
the list to automatically remove all signatures but I don't believe that's 
at all possible, I think most footers are added as plain text and not as 
identifiable strippable stuff. Ah well.

It's unfortunate that this topic causes people's dander to get up. I am not 
setting out any policies on this, so I don't expect any replies, rebuttals, 
or dead horse beating  (at least with regards to trying to effect list 
policies) :)


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