Paper tape supply, was Re: paper tape for GNT 4601

William Donzelli aw288 at
Wed Jun 14 19:24:43 CDT 2006

> I imagine that many paper suppliers ought to be able
> to provide tape on a custom basis, given a
> sufficiently large order, but I was led to believe
> that the specs for such tape as laid out in the
> relevant standards were a bit difficult to fulfil,
> particularly for oiled tape.

I would think that it should not be too impossible to make your own if the
supply gets really short. It may take fair amount of tweaking, but making
a pair of rolling shears (sort of like a continous sheet metal nibbler,
done with three wheels) set at whatever width you want, is reasonable.
Certainly you can get paper that is damn close to the old stuff - probably
better, now that paper is getting more acid-free. And these days, I would
use a modern silicone oil. In fact, I would think something like the oil
used on Epson copy machines would be ideal.

Making a folder might be tough, as every paper folder I have seen really
does not like a continuous stream of paper.

I still have a bunch of 1 inch tape on rolls, if anyone is interested.

William Donzelli
aw288 at

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