SBC6120 (a build-it-yourself PDP-8 clone) grammer checked

woodelf bfranchuk at
Thu Jun 15 18:41:53 CDT 2006

Tony Duell wrote:

> 'Instruments of Amplification' covers maing triode valves and copper 
> oxide transistors. Be warned this is not at all easy to do, and the 
> devices you make are pretty poor (lifetime of a few hours at most, gain 
> just over 1 if you're lucky!). Don't think you'll make a classic computer 
> using said devices. That said, it's amazing it's possible at all, and the 
> book is _well_ worth reading, if only to remind yourself than homebrewing 
> has not totlaly died out!
Heck I was thinking of Ne bulbs for a computer. :)
Well I guess it is time to admit I gave in to Modern Techolgy
and orderd a SBC6120.
I am deviving into older Valve stuff for my 6B4-G 3 watt channel
amp. Other than mostly improvements in speaker design and over all
better quality parts I don't see much difference in amplifer design
from the early 1960's with all the low end Single Ended Triode stuff.
Most of the improvements on the real high end stuff seem to be
less cost cutting now that tubes are cheap and every thing else
is better priced. Still few people talk about regulated power and
screen supplys and correct Hi-Fi components compared to the stuff
from the 1940's.

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