Paper tape supply, was Re: paper tape for GNT 4601

William Maddox wmaddox at
Wed Jun 14 21:13:05 CDT 2006

--- David Griffith <dgriffi at> wrote:

> I'm not talking strictly paper tape, but other odds
> and ends us tinkerers
> use that aren't commonly found at, say, Jameco,
> Mouser, et al.

For the antique radio folks, there is Antique Radio

Not only do they carry vintage/NOS parts, but have
actually sought out suitable replacements for things
such as grille cloth, knobs, etc.  There are a few
specialty suppliers for vintage arcade machines as
well.  I suppose that a small market opportunity might
exist for parts for the more popular mass-produced
vintage machines at some point.  Todd Fischer still
sells a few replacement IMSAI parts, though I doubt he
makes much, if any, money off of it.


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