OT-ish: Build-it stuff

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Wed Jun 14 21:44:03 CDT 2006

woodelf wrote:
> Chris M wrote:
>>  Everybody wants cars too! Few actually feel the
>> unction to build a car, but it does get done, albeit
>> rarely. 
> Umm What ever happed to the fake bodies you could put
> on your old VW beatle. Could one make a Car now days
> and drive it leagaly on the highway? You know mine --
> that is the one with 8 wheels and the steam boiler
> and the snow/plow in front --
> PS. the 8 wheels are need to go ove the pot-holes
> that breed here.

When it comes to "dubber"s, *this* is what you want!  :>


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