HP 264x terminal status

Gessman Business Services gginben at cebridge.net
Sat Jun 17 11:39:06 CDT 2006

Attn: Jay West & Others

I just happen to notice the thread that was written. So I would like to
clear things up a bit. I never said that I wouldn't do the terminal
deal. When you asked me about it I simply said "My number one priority
is making sure that all the guys that purchased one received all of them
ok. My customers are always first, and would hate to get rid of all of
them, and then somebody didn't get theirs. So honestly at this point Jay
I haven't forgot about you." As far as your quote about having someone
pick them up is not correct either. This is the email that I received
from you "I've read this, and empathize. I'm not sure I follow though,
if you still want the bulk purchase deal or not. Please let me know so I
can let the other folks know.

Jay West"

Where all the other came from I am unsure. I am not meaning this email
to be in any way demeaning or anything close. Just simply wanted to make
sure that I could explain what happened. As far as as this quote from
John A. "

The other thing was that I was looking for positive word from anyone
that the shipments were getting through and Gessman 'lost it' before
Anyone was able to respond, deal cancelled.

John A."

I didn't lose it. , but thanks. You simply lied to me at first by 
telling me that you had sent a money order. Just to find
out later the truth was that you wanted to wait and make sure that 
someone received one before you made a payment. I don't blame you
for wanting to be like this. I just didn't care to do business with 
someone that wanted to pull wool over my eyes. I even canceled
the non paying dispute to keep you from getting a strike from ebay since 
you finally did tell me the truth. Just so you could tell
everyone here that I "lost it"

Should anyone have any questions at all please don't hesitate to email me
Thanks, Greg (Gessman Business Services)

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